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NIST Traceable Cable Tensiometer calibration

Cable Tensiometer Since 1995, Precision Labs has calibrated cable tensiometers for general and aviation usage. There are many types of tensiometers but they generally fall into analog and digital types.

The analog cable tensiometer has advantages in durability, and thanks to no battery, always ready to use. A major disadvantage is that they require extra care in reading the charts or dials.

The digital styles offer increased resolution and direct reading. They are more susceptible to damage though.

Precision Labs has the skills, equipment, and tools to properly service all makes of tensiometers.

We are limited only by cable types we have on hand, but we have a tendency to acquire cables as we need them.

A few manufacturers we service and calibrate:

  • Pacific Scientific
  • Tensitron
  • Sigmation
  • Sprague
  • Check Line
  • And others

Need quick turn around time of your cable tensiometer or AOG service, call 661-279-8100 now for immediate service.

Primary NAICS of 541380 and 811219. Other Naics codes may also apply.


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