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NIST Traceable Pressure Gage and Pressure Transducer Calibration

Pressure Gage and Pressure Transducer CalibrationPrecision Labs can calibrate your pressure gages to the uncertainties you require and in your specified media.

At a time when most calibration labs no longer adjust your non-compliant gages, we will make every effort to adjust the item back into factory tolerances.

Onsite calibration is also available to ensure your production line is not at a full work stoppage and to reduce the necessity for spare gages.

If your gage can not be properly corrected, we do carry a wide array of gages that can be supplied to your company. Our professionals can also help specify replacements or upgrades as you require.

Media Range Best Uncertainty
Gaseous 0-10,000psi 50ppm
Liquid 0-20,000psi 0.01%


Transducer Calibration
Function Range Best Uncertainty
DC Voltage 0-1000V 10ppm
DC current 4-20ma (Typical) 100ppm
Frequency Any 1x 10-7
mv/v ratio 0-10 Typical 50ppm

Call us at 661-265-6500 or use our quote form to arrange your gages to be calibrated!

Primary NAICS of 541380 and 811219. Other Naics codes may also apply.


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