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Various physical NIST Traceable Calibrations

Traceable CalibrationsIonizing radiation meters that require a 660Kev source can be calibrated by Precision Labs. Contact us for a technician to work with you on your needs today. Accuracies of +/-5% iv.

Gas flow calibration of various flow meters and indicators has been a full capability of Precision Labs for the past ten years. Currently most customers request calibration of meters in the following gases:

  • Nitrogen (N2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Air

Calibration in the specific gas is very critical as are the conditions of measurement. Please contact us if you need something other than the exact specifications that the manufacturer stated.

International annealed copper standard (%IACS) conductivity meters. Precision Labs has the correct standards to correctly adjust your unit back to like new conditions. These meters read electrical conductivity, in percent, relative to 5.80E7 Siemens per meter.

These seemingly simple meters are usually quite complex and require a great level of skill to properly adjust. Contact us for a calibration quote.

Viscosity meter calibration is a common task here at Precision Labs. With our calibration standards you can be assured that your meter will read correctly.

If you suspect you are having a problem, please ensure that you are on the correct range and properly set up. Many viscometers use multiple type of paddles that directly affect the range as does the speed of rotation. This is the most common mistake that we observe..

Call us at 661-265-6500 or use our quote form for a quote on your calibration requirements!

Primary NAICS of 541380 and 811219. Other Naics codes may also apply.


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