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NIST Traceable Mechanical Gage Calibration

Micrometers CalipersMechanical instruments are necessary in almost every aspect of every type of field. As a result, we have developed skills, techniques, and the necessary equipment to properly calibrate your instruments.

While proper care can possibly extend the periods between calibrations, we all know that nothing lasts forever. A simple micrometer can experience wear on the measurement screw. That wear can cause additional problems: linearity, abnormal wear on the anvils by misalignment, and repeatability.

We will do our best to properly service your equipment and issue new calibration certificates.

Yes, we can calibrate at your facility! Just contact us and we will work out the details with you right now.

Below is a partial list of instruments that we can calibrate. It does not matter if the gage is mechanical or digital.

Calipers Micrometers
Crimp tools Microscopes
CMMs per ANSI B89.4.1 Optical comparators
Cylindrical ring gages Pin gages
Depth micrometers  Protractors
Dial indicators Sine bars
Durometers Squares  
Gauge blocks Surface plates
Hardness testers Test indicators
Height gages Thread plugs
Height masters Thread rings
Inside micrometers Torque wrenches
Levels  Scales
Luggers Wire strippers

The generic terms above do include more detailed examples: an anvil micrometer and a vernier micrometer are almost identical in specifications.

A fully trained staff with proper procedures as well as repair support is standing by in order to help you get your product/service back on track!

Primary NAICS of 541380 and 811219. Other Naics codes may also apply.


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